PURACK is devoted to providing customers with relevant solutions and technical consulting on similar routing and equipment implementation related to oligomerization, pyrolysis, rectification, melt crystallization, polymerization for new polymer materials or bio-based degradable materials; the configuration type, production capacity, product quality and other aspects of customer’s equipment or systems under specific technological conditions can be inspected and verified by the company's existing laboratory scale and pilot scale resources. In addition, verification, optimization, configuration and adjustment of parameters, feasibility analysis, experimental sample testing can be conducted for customer’s existing routing through laboratory scale or pilot scale experiments. In this way, the Company provides one-stop, professional and comprehensive solutions for customer’s equipment, processes, or systems.
Melt crystallization is a suspension based process providing slow crystal growth rates that allow pure crystal formation even in relatively impure melts. An ultra-high purity product can be achieved as crystallization is extremely selective. Our proven wash column technology effectively separates the value products from the impurities.
Oligomerization technologies can achieve dehydration esterification, concentration polymerization, adjustment and control of molecular weight distribution of customer materials under different pressures and temperatures.
Pyrolysis technologies are capable of cracking and depolymerization of customer materials, obtaining the light phase components after the reaction, and recycling or disposing of heavy phase components.
Distillation technologies are a multi-effect distillation that uses reflux to bring liquid into contact with steam to achieve high purity separation.
Aggregation technologies can realize the process verification of customer materials such as premelting, premixing, prepolymerization, final polymerization, devolatilization, extrusion granulation, drying, heat treatment and packaging.